Dear Nichelle Laray,
Im a having a blast with my new husband, we just got married 12 months ago and our jobs relocated us to Chicago. We have great friends and we love to hang out and have dinner with our friends. Its just one problem my husband has wondering eyes for my new girl friends. He always compliments them. It makes me sick. I also found that he has been emailing one of my friends, (and they weren’t planning my surprise birthday party! ) He claims that he is not interested in them he just thinks there beautiful. That truly makes me uncomfortable what should I do?

Dear Ms Uncomfortable,
Hopefully your husband compliments you every day all day long!

One thing you have to realize is that men will admire other women and women will admire other men. I think that you should sit down and have a conversation with him and express your feelings. He calling your girl friend to chit chat is a no no. And I mean no no. How many other women has he called? Bet you don’t know. If it’s uncomfortable for you analyze your relationship, figure out what you will and won’t put up with. If he doesn’t get it, I wonder how he would feel if you always complemented his friends. Most of the time people can dish it out, but can’t take it. Perhaps there other issues going on in his mind. This is something he has to work out, not you. Remain strong and realize that you are a beautiful and exciting woman, and that you are a super fantastic person.

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