Nichelle Larays who is a lover of all foods (well most foods)
Loves to share her thoughts and recepies.She creates unforgettable deserts and gourmet healthy dishes made with a unique twist. I believe you can enjoy and create delightful dishes that are made without spending an exzorbant amount of money. If you enjoy Italian, vegetarian, Southern Cuisine, Thai, Soups and Salads, be inspired and watch for our tips ,And yummy recepies. Let’s make it simple!

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Let Nichelle Laray help you enter with style pizzazz in an exquisite way without breaking the bank. If you want to be the hostess of the mostess get a great plan together and execute it.
For starters choose a theme for the party, will it be a cozy dinner party or an elegant luncheon? Your next step is to buy or make decorations. If you decide to make decorations check out your local wholesalers or craft stores to see who has decorations on
The cheap! One great tip is try to purchase your decorations at the end of each season so that you will have them for next season. That’s how you build great props for your occasions to come.

Extend your invitations by mail or evites, are acceptable the more formal the dinner party or luncheon you must have a written or printed invitation tied into the theme. Please make sure you include details regarding time and attire. The deadline to rsvp for a luncheon or dinner party is one week.
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Ask Nichelle Laray is a fun filled advice blog that provides advice on love, relationships, Dating and romance. She will give you expert and practical advice on anything from self esteem, marriage, and finding practical solutions. Nichelle Larays motto is Live better,   live life to the fullest, treat yourself as if you’re simply the best and live in the moment!  Email your questions and she will give you practical solutions for Ordinary problems. We will return your emails within 72 hrs

Nichelle Laray.

Dear Nichelle Laray,
Sometimes I think im crazy or just losing my mind because you I can’t Figure out where my relationship is going. I’ve been dating the same person for one year. At times he says he wants to marry me then other times he ask completely satisfied to continue our relationship the way it is. I would love to be married and have children after all he should know if he wants to marry me. I want more out of this relationship what should I do?
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