Let Nichelle Laray help you enter with style pizzazz in an exquisite way without breaking the bank. If you want to be the hostess of the mostess get a great plan together and execute it.
For starters choose a theme for the party, will it be a cozy dinner party or an elegant luncheon? Your next step is to buy or make decorations. If you decide to make decorations check out your local wholesalers or craft stores to see who has decorations on
The cheap! One great tip is try to purchase your decorations at the end of each season so that you will have them for next season. That’s how you build great props for your occasions to come.

Extend your invitations by mail or evites, are acceptable the more formal the dinner party or luncheon you must have a written or printed invitation tied into the theme. Please make sure you include details regarding time and attire. The deadline to rsvp for a luncheon or dinner party is one week.

Plan the menu Keep it simple simple, make sure you make dishes ahead of time so that you can enjoy your guest, after all that’s the reason to have a party right?

Two weeks before your party, make a play list. Play list are a must for any event, the music should have something to do with your theme and last as long as your event. Keep the music at a level where your guest can hear each other.

Make sure your crystal and china are cleaned and in excellent shape.

One week before your party makes sure your house is clean, do a quick check each day leading up to your event.

It’s important to take inventory of your tableware cookware and of course you’re serving dishes. If you lack a few pieces of dishes or serving pieces you can choose different pieces to mix and match. This makes your table look more exciting. It doesn’t have to be matchy matchy. Before your party put a posited note on each dish so that you will know what items go in the dishes?

Make a shopping list and cooking schedule Think about where you want to buy your ingredients, beverage to streamline your shopping route. Always make sure you calculate three bottles of wine four every four guest. Don’t forget to place an order with the local butcher, baker and seafood shop.

Set the stage check the flow of your furniture and remove all clutter. Figure out your lighting, will you need candles? Remember it is very important to create a great mood.

Seating plans, yes its very important to seat people together who don’t know each other this always creates great conversations. Set out place cards this is a must.

Your Final steps to having a Fantastic party;
Decorate/set the table
Put out fresh flowers the day of the party
Remove medicine from the medicine cabinet
Designate a place for coasts
Shop food and beverage
Cook as much as you can ahead of time
Make sure the dish washer is empty
Put on your party digs
Light the candles
Uncork the wine
Have a fruity drink and relax, and that’s how Nichelle Laray would entertain

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