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Owner: Nichelle Tidmore-Fleming

Childhood memories of going to the candy store and smelling the sugar, picking out my treats is the reason for
munchadoodle.com. I knew one day that I would have my own cookie and candy business. My favorite movie (Willy Wonka
and the Chocolate Factory) was about candy!

My dad Sam gave me my introduction to the candy business with a yogurt and candy fundraising business years ago. He
afforded me the opportunity to turn my passion for sweet treats and goodies into a business that will allow others to
experience what I have had the pleasure of experiencing all of my life.

Munchadoodle.com is a family affair. My mom, Carol, a gourmet baker developed the recipes for my cookies and munchie
mini pound cakes. She is known for creating the most delectable treats this side of heaven. My sister Tamarah who is
my marketing specialist thought of the catchy name Munchadoodle.

We manufacture all natural gourmet cookies munchie mini pound cakes at the Munchadoodle Factory. We love what we do
and we are proud to say that we have the best cookies! Remember that there is perfection in each bite at munchadoodle.com!

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